Free store & product pages
No website, no problem. You get your own web store with a custom domain, simply share the link and start selling.
Sell on Facebook
Get more sales from one of the world’s largest website. Each Selz account comes with a free Facebook store.
Sell on WordPress
Our easy to use WordPress plugin makes selling physical or digital downloads from any WordPress site with your existing theme unbelievably easy.
Sell from any website
The freedom to sell from any website quickly, no programming, and no special template or themes needed.
PayPal Unlimited
Giving your customers the choice of paying with PayPal and credit cards can increase your sales by 25%. Accept unlimited purchases with no additional PayPal fees and no PayPal business account needed.
Responsive design
It is designed to work on all screen sizes, providing the optimal shopping experience whatever device your customers are using.

Free Web Counter
Free Web Counter